Monday, August 31, 2009

Art Journal (1)

As I mentioned before, we are now working on our art journals besides our ordinary scrap works projects (Week in The Life album) which is still on progress. Ria has already started her art journals and she had a real great work as always. And then Alice seems improve her talent. While I and the other scrap buddies still struggling with our imaginations. But learning a new thing which still has something related to our interest always give us such a new good spirit.

I have done ones for Ria, here they are :

And these are what I've got from Ria

Sisi’s art journal for me

Alice made these ones for me

Right now I’m still working on my art journal for Alice. There will be 4 more in the line for Lina, Tiara, Yanti & Dora… What a plenty homework..! But it’s going to be fun to make it... and, of course, will take lots of time.. LoL

Sunday, August 30, 2009

June Scrapgathering

This time we were gather at BSD, Alice’s place… with the RED theme color. Unfortunately Tiara couldn't join us.

Besides finishing some of the art works, we had lots of chit chat, and the best part is photo session (always) … LoL. We're really had a very guuuud time, yet we're still expecting to be together in a full team.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Art Journal Inspiration

Visual Chronicles, one of the easy reading art books, gave me some inspirations to start making my art journal. But it was not as easy as I read, since I am not very talented in drawing and sometimes get stuck with ideas.
Thank God, I found this chapter below,

My eyes were blinking and something came up on my mind.
Yes, I've got an idea!
Why don't I exchange some art journals with my scrapbooker buddies? Each of us will make some pages for the others and then after all the artworks have done,
we can bind them all together into one book.

Well, I can't stand to have them all, but I have to wait a real patient 'coz we meet only once in a month.