Monday, November 30, 2009

Cigar Box

I just got this cigar boxes from my sis-in-law. I’m inspired to make something from these empty boxes. Maybe make a collage or painting on the cover. I’m still thinking about it. Just give me some times to work it out, and I’ll post the final artwork, as soon as I get done with the box. Be patient, please... LoL.

Friday, November 27, 2009

My First Zentangle

I recently learn a new art, Zentangle, which I can create image from a repetitive patterns. It's really fun and relaxing.
We can increase our focus and creativity thru this Zentangle art. Nice to try.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Texture of Life Album

My Texture of Life Album has done. You can see the texture from each pages which I mentioned before we used some materials such as fabrics, modeling paste, acrylic paints, recycle paper etc.
You can go here if you want to see page by page.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Texture of Life Class by Ria Nirwana

Attending my scrap buddy’s class really gave us a new refreshment.

We tried some new techniques for the album which we usually use that techniques on canvas. Yuppp… we were using gel medium, gesso, acrylic paints, modeling paste and some fabrics. We made some mess but ended with a very artful mini album. It’s a lifetime album. A special moment in 2009 month by month.
While I’m finishing the album, some of our pictures will go first here :

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Art Journal ( 2)

Continuing the art journal for Alice and Sisi. Here they are the pages...

These are for Alice :

and these ones are for Sisi :

I think I still need to learn and explore more about the art journals. Have to practice a lot .. :)

The art journal will be continued coz there are still some pages left for me made by Lina and Suryanti which have not done yet. While I have to make another ones for Tiara and Suryanti .

Corkboard Painting

Finding some corkboard left from my last year project class gave me an inspiration to make a painting using the corkboard as a media replacing the canvas I usually use.

This was my trial and error doing the painting on corkboard.
Start with drawing the face, and then put some color for the skin with watercolor crayon. At the beginning, the color mixed well on her face. Then continued to her hair. But when the watercolor crayon was dried, I found that the face color was not bright and sharp enough, that’s because of the corkboard porous, it absorbs the liquid very quick.
To get a deeper color, I then put the oil pastel on the watercolor crayon. After Blending it with my fingers, I got the skin face color that I wanted.

So, finished with the face and hair, it’s time to finalize the background. I chose the water color crayon to get the background color looked less strong than the face.

Now, I’m still thinking some other way to make the use of the corkboard instead of we just put some note on it. Want to share some ideas?

Scrapgathering The Full Team

On August, with the green color theme for our outfit, we were finally gather in a full team. I know it's a quite late to post these pictures, but I have to do it anyway.
Not much to do at that time, we just tried to make the photo transfer to canvas and transparent media using acrylic paint. The rest, we spent our time with a warm chit chat, a big lunch and of course, our fave part : photo session as you can see them below.