Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Not Forgotten

It’s very long time since I put my last posting in this blog.
I’ve been very busy for these last 4 months back to office work so that I have no enough time (and of course, no energy) to make some layouts or posting something here.

It’s not forgotten. I just need to have more (or you can say it LOTS) of spare time, and it would be about another 4 months from now… (sigh).

Well, hopefully I still can keep my passion on… (I promise I will).
Be patient. See ya..!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week In The Life 2010 - The Album

I'm done capturing my daily life for WITL 2010 project but I haven't decided what kind of album that I'm going to use for this project. Some options came up, either use pre-made album or make a customize album.

Then I'm thinking that my album will consist of more words than the pictures, so I decide to make a 8x8 customized album. Here are some of the materials for the album.

I'll post the finished album when it's done. Be patient ... :)

Week In The Life 2010 - The Invitation

Hello everyone,
Sorry for a long pause of updating my blog. So many things had to be done out there...
Now, I'm back and hopefully could post some of my progress art works.

Let me start with a Week In The Life (WITL) 2010 project. An invitation by Ria Nirwana to make a personal album capturing our daily life for the whole week. It should be posted earlier this month, since the time frame for capturing the moment was May 8-14, 2010, but I post the invitation anyway, because the project is still going on.

As time for capturing has already passed, we're now in the process of creating the album. Each of our finished albums will be presented on our Scrapbookers gathering next month.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Canvas Album Class by Ria Nirwana

Another advanced class by my buddy, Ria Nirwana, was held on the 1st week of March. At that time we made an unique canvas album showing some of our art work as an artist.

We learned some image transferred techniques, played with some gesso, acrylic paints and glossy gel medium. Here they are some pictures of what we've done in the class.

Meeting with some new scrapbookers was such a good time. We had fun, chit chat and share some other techniques and everything about scrapbook.

And here is my finished album.

For the details, you can go here.

Eventhough the class was full with messy works, but we're really enjoy our time. It's not a mess we did, it's a work of art.

Combining Acid and Non-Acid Free in My Lay Out

I like this photo very much. Well, it's not kinda narcissistic.. LoL, but this is one of my favorite photos. Thank you my dear best friend for taking the shot.

Sooooo..., for this photo, I made the style a bit different by combining between acid and non-acid free materials for the lay out. The corrugated cardboard, tulle, big yellow beads and leaves are non-acid free. Hmm..what do you think? Not bad hah?

I hope that those non-acid free materials will last a bit longer. La voila... a page for myself.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


3 colors I love the most : Red-Black-White.
I made the background with the red color painted on the black cardstock, and then popped-up the red 12x12 die-cut numbers paper.

Here is My Family lay out in my favorite colors.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lay Outs

My recent lay outs made in the end of 2009.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

1st Gathering in 2010

After all the hectic times for the last couple months in 2009, we, scrapbooker buddies, relieve our mind by having a chit chat, sharing some topics at Alice’s new home. This is our 1st gathering in 2010. Like a warming up, we plan to move on to a monthly gathering with some new spirits.Thank you buddies for sharing these pictures.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


We’re now at the beginning of 2010.
Happy New Year, everyone.
Still with Faith, Hope and Love, let’s start day by day with a new better way. Start it from just a little simple thing, then hopefully we can make our life better everyday.
Thank God we all still alive and survive until now.
For all my scrapbooker buddies, keep up the good works, keep up the passions, improve the imaginations, and keep going on to create.