Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Corkboard Painting

Finding some corkboard left from my last year project class gave me an inspiration to make a painting using the corkboard as a media replacing the canvas I usually use.

This was my trial and error doing the painting on corkboard.
Start with drawing the face, and then put some color for the skin with watercolor crayon. At the beginning, the color mixed well on her face. Then continued to her hair. But when the watercolor crayon was dried, I found that the face color was not bright and sharp enough, that’s because of the corkboard porous, it absorbs the liquid very quick.
To get a deeper color, I then put the oil pastel on the watercolor crayon. After Blending it with my fingers, I got the skin face color that I wanted.

So, finished with the face and hair, it’s time to finalize the background. I chose the water color crayon to get the background color looked less strong than the face.

Now, I’m still thinking some other way to make the use of the corkboard instead of we just put some note on it. Want to share some ideas?


Ita Jege/Lita said...

Very nice painting Dhan ... menggodaku utk melirik lagi kanvasku n the genk yg udah lama ta tinggal ... masih bisa ga ya aku melukis?

Missing_Pieces said...

OMG! I think I just fell in love with this corkboard :)