Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Note of Thanks

Today, when I open my blog, I receive such a sweet surprise...
I got a very encouraging comment from the art master, Donna Downey, as I used her painting title to mine. I can't believe my own eyes that I got that.
She left a short comment yet deep.
Meaningful to me. A lot.

I am one of your fans. I love your artworks very much.
Thanks a lot, Donna... You give me lot of inspirations.


funkyseh@yahoo.com said...

Hi again,
You know I like all your creations. For me It all looks amazing on the screen as it does the real things.In fact I am a bit envious coz you have such good creativity, such talent! I guess we have to be satisfied and grateful with God's gift to each one of us. After all we are created as a unique being. (apa seh)
Anyway, I am proud of you. 'Good job'as Hancock said. Keep it going and we'll keep cheering you on, dearest sis.
Your dearest sisil, Rani

Ria said...

Of cooooourse you are soooo deserved that kind of comment! Keep on the good work, bu!