Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Artworks During My Time Off

During my time off as a scrapbooker teacher, I could only made some artworks. Not much, because my office work only gave me 2 days off on the weekend which I mostly had to spend it with my family. I share them here in random and not published them as a single backdated post.

The art journal swap with my scrapbuddies is still going on. Now it's Suryanti's turn to have it from me.

On the Scrapgathering where we had to swap our artworks, I made this one with the total of the scrapbookers came on the event. It was fun doing the swap things.

When my senior high school had a 25th reunion last year, I made this layout as a sign of my class. Sorry,friends, not all the faces were put on the page.. :)

And this 3D layout was for my friend's daughter on her birthday, came with the picture keychain.

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Suryanti Halim said...

mba D....wuiiiih so proud of my art journal from is such a wonderful work!