Monday, November 10, 2008


It happened about 2 years ago. Quite long time to keep this story only to share between my close friends, now I want to share it with you.

One of the famous radio stations in town had a program to give a chance to the lucky listeners who sent their play list of the 80’s-90’s songs to the radio. The ones who win should present their songs as an announcer.
So, I told a friend, who really loves lots of music, to send her play list, who knew she’s going to win. I sent my list, too.

And then, you know what happened next??
I was one of the lucky listeners!! I felt so happy :) I never thought to win this program.
But… I had to prepare myself to do the taping, to be an announcer of my own play list. Nervous, of course! What should I say, how my voice would like be? Ppfffff…..
nervous…! nervous…. !

So, the day had come, I met with the radio people, which are all very nice and friendly, and…. younger than me….:)
Thank God everything went smoothly..
I gave another experience to my life … To be an announcer…

Here’s the list :

I bet you all know those songs very well, right? Or maybe one of them was your memory song with someone ;)?
For me, I just love to hear that
easy listening music.

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