Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My children's Interests of Art

Having a mother who teaches scrapbooking classes, doesn’t make any different to my children’s art interests.
I ever asked them to make a scrapbook layout, but it ended up with their words of saying ‘mom, I’m tired …', or
'mom, would you please finish this for me …', or
'mom, can I continue this later …', etc etc …
Many reason not to finish the scrapbook.

Well, I can not insist them to have the same passion in scrapbooking as I do.
My daughter, Nadya, likes to draw and write, she’d prefer to make some comics and stories rather than make a scrapbook layout. These are some of her drawings and comics :

While my son, Dhira, he also likes to draw but his interest is more to play with his car toys. Here’s his drawing and unfinished scrapbook layout.


jamblang said...

aduh cantik sekaleeeeee

vera said...

Dhan....kayanya emang dhani sekeluarga punya bakat seni ya...meskipun beda-beda..... komiknya bagus-bagus banget....wah kalo kecil-kecil aja udah bagus gini gimana gedhe nya ya.... Hebbbaaaatttttt!!!!! said...

Kereeen habis Dhan. Bakat seninya Nadya & Dhira udah kelihatan banget. Seneng d gue ngeliatnya. Salam buat dua2nya ya