Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Good Listener

We have two ears and one mouth
so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.

Being a good listener is not always easy.
When we have a conversation with someone, sometimes we even do not pay attention to what she/he says. Okay, there’s always a reason … it can be the story which is not interesting, or you don’t like the person who's talking to you, or you are not focusing on the conversation because of many things on your mind, what else? …you name it….

But, why don’t you try once… Try to listen. Take a seat and look at in the eyes, pay attention of what she/he says to you. I believe the person who's talking to you will appreciate you more. It's because they feel much better after sharing with you. If you find it’s difficult, just put yourself in their position, what do you feel when you’re really want to be listened, when you need someone to talk to, when you need to share what’s on your mind… so don’t being selfish by not to be a good listener.

I do it already.
It's such a nice feeling doing things to make others happy.

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