Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LO for Scrapper Buddies Album

Forgive me for a bit late posting these, but I think I need to share the pages as my other scrapper buddies have already did it on their blog... :)

These layouts are going to be part of the pages of our album,
the Scrapper Buddies, as a celebration of our friendship (if I may say that .... LoL). We have lots of fun every time we meet doing the scrapbook. Sharing some techniques and having a chit chat accompanied with some foods & drinks, of course...

It's really really refreshing, even though we meet only once in a month, but for sure, we have each other in our minds.

I always have a guuuuuuuuud time with you, girls...!

Let's keep this friendship forever. Luv U all!

The finished album will be posted after we have our next scrap gathering which we are going to have it at the end of this month. Check out later on my Album tab.



Good Job mbak Dhani!! Cant wait to see you again!=p

Ria said...

Can't live without red!
Can't live without you!
Counting the days till then!!:) See you soon.